Jon Gosselin’s New Girlfriend and Family Outing

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…Her family that is.  Jon Gosselin has a new plus-one in his life Morgan Christie, originally from Greenwich, CT.  Morgan Christie and Jon Gosselin met while skiing in Utah, where Christie has relatives.  People magazine wrote that Jon’s new girlfriend has lived a very privileged life, graduating from Emory University (thank goodness she is older than college-age! and has a college degree!) and now making a home for herself in California.

Jon Gosselin was spotted having dinner with Christie and members of her family in Park City.  On-lookers said that Morgan’s mother did most of the talking.  Hopefully she was telling Jon to stuff it and never to see her daughter again, but most likely she was not.

After the meal Gosselin took photos with “fans,” when is it going to come out that his manager pays these people to pose with him?  Come one people when are we going to let this tub-of-lard go?  Ever since the divorce Kate has done really well, looking better than ever, Jon on-the-other-hand looks like a complete train wreck.

Morgan Christie, if you read this, will you please tell us why you are interested in this gut of eight children?

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