Jon Huntsman Goes Rogue!

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Former presidential hopeful, Jon Huntsman, did a “TV tour” over the weekend. He spoke on Morning Joe where he made a comparison between the actions of the GOP and those of communist China. Although accurate, he’s being vilified in the media for it.

The press and bloggers are all making comments about how it sounded, claiming he has a look of disgust when talking about the GOP, all adding their own spin on what kind of additional meaning he may have had. Ridiculous. The man said what he said. Take him at his word and stop trying to inject some feelings and attitudes of your own.

He’s the most intelligent guy on the Republican ticket in the last 50 years. Just because he mentioned something about a third-party, he got disinvited to a GOP fundraiser at the convention in Florida and the party seems to have wiped their hands of him.

Yet, people like Sarah Palin are embraced by the Republican party. She runs around calling herself a “maverick” and publishing a book entitled “Going Rogue.” Why do so many from the GOP end up “going rogue”? What is so bad about their own party?

You can bet your life that if a third-party approached Palin, she would jump ship and go after her party much like Cujo went after that pinto.

Huntsman, although understandably disgusted with the GOP, is not attacking the Republican party. Even though, silencing the opposition is indeed a communist tactic.

When he was questioned about the Republican win in 2010 as being some kind of statement of “political profitability” against Obama, Huntsman responded: “It’s unsustainable. It can’t last more than a cycle or two. … With the political center hollowed out, the American people are going to say, who’s going to populate the center where you’ll get things done.” That statement speaks to the state of Washington today.

Jon Huntsman was probably the only person willing to step up to the job of being president who was truly qualified to fix the American economy. Here’s hoping he gets a third-party nomination and clobbers Romney’s chances in the general election.

Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman at Southern New Hampshire University

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