Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Demonstrate National Socialist Tendencies

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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, hosts of two Comedy Central programs, lied about lying during their shows Thursday night. Both Mr. Stewart and Colbert put forth their liberal version of “fact-checking” when they disseminated disinformation on Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Paul Ryan’s, keynote speech. And the liberal version of fact-checking involves simply accepting every liberal premise, no matter how ridiculous, as pure, unadulterated fact. If this sounds familiar, one need only look to the early 20th century, it has been done in the past.

Stewart began his factually inaccurate tirade with a personal attack, calling the respected Republican Congressman and VP nominee, “Chiseled Chin McNicey Face,” and then accusing Ryan of “making misleading claims about Medicare funding and the failure of a proposed bipartisan debt commission.” But of course, Mr. Stewart’s so-called facts are just the tired old liberal nonsense trotted out by liberals when they want to appear factual. Liberal facts are like fairy tales, they sound good and always have a happy ending, but they are far from true.

Host of the self-named “Colbert Report” went even further and like many liberals who hold ideological truth to be more important than real truth, attacked Paul Ryan openly. The far-left comedian openly called Mr. Ryan a “liar,” and insult everyone who disagrees with his ideological form of truth by stating Ryan stretching the truth to make his speech more effective is just another form of doping, in that if you believe him, you are a dope.”

Like many political arguments, what exactly constitutes “truth” can be argued from different points of view. While most conservatives like Paul Ryan understand this and do not engage in openly hostile attacks against their political opponents, preferring to argue and debate, liberals do not. Liberals like Mr. Stewart and Colbert form up and defend every liberal statement as “fact,” no matter how preposterous or absurd, and instead of defending these “facts” with arguments and debate, simply attack and insult the intelligence of those who do not agree.

One of the more commonly used tactic of the left is to accuse others of doing what they themselves are actually doing. For instance, when liberal democrats claim that Republicans want to keep the poor down, it has been liberal policies that have actually accomplished that task.

Another means of attack is to label conservatives as being modern-day “Nazis,” and Mr. Colbert even went so far as to quote Nazi Propaganda Chief Josef Goebbels. The outrageously insensitive Mr. Colbert, in talking about Paul Ryan’s keynote address, stated “If you repeat a lie enough times, it becomes the truth…” He may have been trying to put the label of “Nazi” on Paul Ryan and the Republican Party, but it is actually the liberals of America who are beginning to act in this manner.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are both good little liberal sycophants who believe every liberal statement, defend every lie, and attack anyone who will not do the same (Just like followers of another notorious political party). Their television programs are nothing more than outlets for liberal propaganda, and the two hosts simply parrot any ridiculous liberal ideological “truth” as God-given fact. More so if it comes from the lips of the “Leader,” the Almighty Barack Obama himself.

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