Jon Stewart nails Bernard Goldberg.

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Okay, I will admit that Stewart was crude here. But I argue that he was also funny, and also had a real point. Bernard Goldberg is not a nice man, and when he snidely asserts that liberals never have Down Syndrome babies because they always abort them, he is attempting to demonize a sector of American society. Goldberg, Sarah Palin herself said that she had to think about it during her pregnancy, and was glad to have the freedom in America to think about it- which of course made no sense, because she does not want Americans to have that freedom, but I digress.

I think that Jon Stewart has every right to be offended by Bernard Goldberg. Goldberg does not have any objectivity or civility left, he really doesn’t. I put Rush Limbaugh in that camp too.  Even Bill O’Reilly is not quite that bad- for some weird reason I actually think that he may have a shred of decency left somewhere.

Did you find it funny? More to the point, do you think that Stewart had something to say here that goes beyond funny, that addresses the problem of partisanship in the “news” industry?

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