Jon Stewart Provides a Dejected Obama With a Safe Haven on the ‘Daily Show’

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Jon Stewart is about to meet the object of his man-crush as President Obama plans to visit the Daily Show Thursday evening. In an effort to reverse his downward spin, the president is retreating to the safety of friendly territory, in order to maintain the delusion that his second term is secure. But no matter how many gushing sycophants Obama visits, there is no chance of this socialist dreamer to remain in the White House now that Americans know his true intentions for their future.

President Obama’s term in office has been a failure on a scale never before experienced by the American public. Gas prices have more than doubled since the day of Obama’s inauguration, while the nation is experiencing the worst recovery in its history. And despite the plethora of mathematically creative employment figures, there is a clear disconnect between the official statements by the Obama loyalist government spokespersons and the lives of millions of ordinary Americans.

After two disastrous debates by both Obama and Biden, where Obama appeared a bit “slow,” and Biden revealed his true personality as a “mean old man,” Americans have finally woken up to the real people who have been running this nation off a cliff. Biden seems to be one of the “angry white males” that liberals are always complaining about and his boss gives the impression of someone with a major chip on his shoulder. And Obama’s actions have provided his critics with the ability to make the claim that he is a left-wing socialist who wishes to make America pay for what he believes are its past crimes against the rest of the world.

Thursday night’s appearance on a fake news comedy program by a sitting president is a clear display that not only is Obama desperate, but he has no standards. This president should get used to appearing on politically favorable, but idiotic, television programs; as this is what he will be doing when he loses the election in November. In other words, Obama appearance on the Daily Show is only a prelude to a new career of speeches, appearances, book signings, and long vacations; the type of thing all ex-presidents engage in after their terms in office.

Jon Stewart may come to believe that the president is appearing on his show because he needs the votes of his viewers, but that would be a wrong assumption. Obama is most likely appearing on the show because he likes the adoration that comes from committed liberals like Stewart and his audience. His failure at the recent debate seems to have caused the president to retreat into a world of flatterers and “yes-men” in an effort to re-inflate his ego. But like his policies, this effort will also end in failure come November and the American people firmly vote him out of office.

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