Jonah Hill weight loss is incredible!

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Jonah Hill has lost a significant amount of weight for his upcoming role in 21 Jump Street. The portly Superbad actor dropped nearly 30 pounds and the transformation is really amazing!

Jonah Hill - 001The funny man generally plays comedic roles, but 21 Jump Street is an action film co-starring Johnny Depp. While it’s almost always acceptable to be a chubby comedian, action movies tend to require more agility and muscles, so his choice to lose weight wasn’t surprising at all.

Of the weight loss, a friend of Hill’s says that he “went on a diet for the movie, but gained weight at first! Finally, he got a nutritionist and a trainer. Now he looks better and feels better!”

Us Weekly has before and after photos of Jonah Hill and he really looks great! Losing weight isn’t easy and even people who have thousands of dollars to spend on trainers find it difficult to change their routines in order to shed pounds and keep them off. Hill really looks like he worked at it; it totally paid off!

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