Jonah Hill Weight Loss Secret Revealed

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Jonah Hill’s weight loss has shocked many people as he debuted his new look on the red carpet at the 2011 ESPY Awards. He looks like a completely different person. Just what is the secret to his success? The succesful Superbad star dropped the weight for his role in the upcoming 21 Jump Street.

Jonah Hill Weight Loss Secret RevealedMany people believe that Jonah Hill lost as much as 40 pounds while preparing for the role. Unfortunately, when he first went on the diet he ended up actually gaining weight, which must have been frustrating. Just how was he able to actually make the pounds start dropping off?

There has not been any talk of any dramatic weight loss surgery or anything like that. The word is he got both a nutritionist and a trainer, so it sounds like the star actually did it the old fashioned way, which is how most people are successful at losing weight. It is just too bad that “regular” people are not able to get their own personal nutritionists and trainers that often.

While Jonah Hill’s weight loss was a bit of a shock to most people, he is most likely much healthier at this smaller weight if he is paying attention to what he’s eating and exercising regularly. What do you think of his weight loss? Was it too much or just right?

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