Jonas Brothers do a "mediocre" job in the movie Camp Rock

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    Last weekend the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato (from As the Bell Rings)  premeired a new DCOM movie, Camp Rock, on Disney Channel, ABC, and ABC Family.  

    The story is about a fourteen year old girl named Mitchie (Demi Lovato) who can go to Camp Rock only if her mother works as the camp cook and if Mitchie helps.  Excited, Mitchie arrives at Camp Rock in full spirits and the meets the "IT" girls Tess, Peggy, and Ella.  To become friends with them Mitchie lies and says that her mother is president of a TV station called Hot Tunes in China. 

   Mitchie then meets Shane Gray (Joe Jonas, middle Jonas Brother) a dramatic singing superstar in the band Connect Three, who becomes an instructor at the camp.  Mitchie and Shane share a puppy love, until everyone finds out that MItchie's mom is the camp cook, not president of Hot Tunes!!

    Your going to have to watch the rest of the movie.  Oddly enought I actually liked it,becuase it had sort of Cinderella sort of story line.  Yet I have been reading on the internet that Camp Rock had a  lot of mixed reviews.  Like how the other two Jonas Brothers, Nick and Kevin were barely in the movie.  They did have small parts, but they performed their parts excellently.  People also criticised it becuase that it was too predictable and mediocre.

     You decide.  Did you like Camp Rock?  Did you absolutely loathe it!  Post your comments below.  Have you not even seen it yet, but like the idea of it?  Did you think the Jonas Brothers did a good job?  PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENTS BELOW!!!!

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