Jonas Brothers’ Interview on ‘GMA': Were Your Questions Answered About The Split?

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The Jonas Brothers’ interview that fans had been anticipating took place this morning on Good Morning America. Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas finally spoke out on the whole ordeal surrounding the recent break-up of their band. The trio sat down with Robin Roberts exclusively to discuss what happened between them that left many sad and confused fans in limbo.

Kevin, the oldest Jobro, started out by saying that it was time for the Jonas Brothers to come to an end. That statement itself most likely caused a few tears to be shed from their devoted fans. Joe Jonas said that things started to get stale as far as their music was concerned. 

“It was just individual things that we were just butting heads about, whether it was the way to set up the music video or even just personal opportunities,” Joe explained. “At some point we decided it was best to finish this and support each other on our own ventures along the way.”

Nick admitted that he was the one who initiate this whole thing. In a statement that was released in People yesterday, the youngest of the brothers said that he felt trapped in the band. That statement has brought some speculation on exactly what that meant. Maybe he has some other projects that were offered to him which would conflict with the tour and promotion of their unreleased CD called V

Speaking of that new album that fans were so excited about, it doesn’t look like that will happen. According to the guys, it will remain unfinished for now. However, Kevin dished that there will be a surprise for their Team Jonas fans! They will be sending out a CD with some live songs that they have done at concerts and also four unreleased songs from the album. This is a thank you to their Team Jonas members that have been there for them through the years.

Nick went on to say that they choose to be brothers first and will go on to do their own things separately. It sounds like he might be working on more solo music and sticking with Broadway that he loves so much. Joe will also be making music on his own, and maybe a little more acting and producing as well.

Kevin is making room for baby! He said that he is excited about the upcoming arrival of his baby daughter with wife Danielle and he wants to continue to work behind the scenes in the business. He is also in the process of selling his current home and building a new house in New Jersey.

Nick still says that they have the best fans in the world and thanked them for understanding. They do have many devoted fans out there. In fact, there were quite a few Jobro fans waiting outside the studio to show their support for the boys, or at least get one last thrill seeing them together. Of course, they have always said that you cannot break up brothers, but you sure can break up a beloved band that so many loved and respected, and break hearts in the process.

This Jonas Brothers’ interview did not really spill any more details than what was already put out in print. It sounded like they were disagreeing with each other on things and decided that they couldn’t get along while on tour without messing up their brotherly love. Basically, Kevin, Joe and Nick are just wanting to branch out to do other projects. Although it is too bad that they had to break up two days before their tour was to start. 

What is your reaction to all that the Jonas Brothers had to say this morning on “Good Morning America?” Are you supportive of their decision to split?


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