Jonas Brothers Perform at Warner Theater, Live Nation June 2 VIDEO Lovebug, LA Baby

Jonas Brothers & Jason Garner Support Live Nation No Service Fee June

The Jonas Brothers were in Washington, DC today for a performance at the Warner Theater for Live Nation on June 2nd. They sang a set in front of a large audience of singing, swaying, and screaming girls. (what else is new) During this performance of Lovebug they actually do less singing and more well listening to the girls in the audience sing.




To be honest, I am not sure why these guys have made it this far musically. Their songs all sound the same. The teen girls seem to think they are cute, but recently at least two of them have had issues with Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. Still the Jonas Brothers sing on. Below is a video clip for LA Baby at the same Warner Theater performance.

The Jonas Brothers do sing more on this song than they did on Lovebug, but their music is such simple 3 chord rock, it just reminds me that Disney probably taught them how to play their instruments and sing about 5 notes of a scale. If you are a fan I am sure you will enjoy the following video.

By the way, for the record there is no mention or Miley or Demi during this performance, perhaps the Jonas Brothers are taking the high road.



Photo Credit: WASHINGTON – JUNE 02: Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers perform for the Live Nation NSF Event at the Warner Theatre on June 2, 2010 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images for Live Nation)

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