Jonathan Jaxson, Kim Kardashian’s Ex-Publicist, Posts Interesting Videos

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Remember Jonathan Jaxson—Kim Kardashian’s ex-publicist who nearly committed suicide a couple of weeks ago after the Kardashians threatened him with a lawsuit? Well, after a week or so of staying under the radar, Jaxson has posted videos online of him and Kim Kardashian together in an effort to prove that he and Kim really do know each other.

This whole situation with Jonathan Jaxson started a few weeks ago, when he essentially told people that he knew, undoubtedly, that Kim had faked her marriage to Kris Humphries—that the whole event was staged for television. Kim slapped him with a lawsuit but also claimed that she barely even knew this supposed ex-publicist of hers. Jaxson, facing a lawsuit, then posted suicidal messages to his Twitter account, followed days later by apologies for the suicidal messages along with several tweets about God and laying low for a while.

Now, barely more than a week later, Jonathan Jaxson wants everyone to know that he was not fabricating his relationship with Kim Kardashian. The videos Jonathan posted are from an interview he did with Kim back in 2008.

Why do you suppose Jonathan is posting these videos? He claimed he wanted to stay out of media attention, but now he’s placing himself right back in it.

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