JonBenet Ramsey’s Dad Warns Parents with Pageant Regrets

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JonBenet Ramsey’s dad has spoken out about his daughter. One of his regrets is that they let her participate in pageants. It is so sad to think of the little girl who would have been 21 years old who will remain forever 6 because she was murdered.

JonBenet Ramsey's Warns Parents with Pageant RegretsSpeaking of his daughter, John Ramsey said, “I see her, you know, in shorts and t-shirt and hair kind of scruffy and just kind of a kid.” Of course, the rest of the world does not see her that way since nearly all of the pictures of her are from the pageants she participated in.

The father, who is obviously still missing his daughter, said that his daughter and wife Patsy did not approach the pageants in the way that the Toddlers and Tiaras moms do. He describes his daughter’s participation as for fun.

Just days before JonBenet was killed her dad said, “Patsy had her sitting atop a friend’s convertible in the Christmas parade waving at the people lining the streets. Patsy’s mother later told me that a strange man approached the car during the parade and it made her uncomfortable. I think about these things now and it makes me cringe. We were so naïve. I now believe with all my heart that it’s not a good idea to put your child on public display.”

Obviously this dad has the benefit of hindsight, but will other parents heed his words of warning of not drawing so much attention to their children. JonBenet Ramsey’s murder has never been solved, and it is possible her killer is still a danger to children. Can you believe the little girl would now be 21? It is still as tragic now as it was on December 26, 1996.

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