Joran van der Sloot Has No – Get Out Of Jail For Free Card – This Time

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Joran Van der Sloot is escorted by police officers to the airport in Santiago June 4, 2010. Van der Sloot of the Netherlands, who was arrested twice over the disappearance of a U.S. student in Aruba in 2005, has been expelled from Chile and will be handed out to Peruvian authorities where he is a prime suspect in a new murder probe, according to local media reports. REUTERS/Victor Ruiz Caballero (CHILE - Tags: CRIME LAW POLITICS)

Peruvian officials are saying that Joran Van der Sloot’s confession that he killed 21-year-old Stephany Flores will hold up in court and is an official confession.

According to CBS news, Joran Van der Sloot tried to take back his confession saying he was coerced into making the confession and had been treated unfairly.  He tried to get out of a situation once again by changing his story, but Peruvian officials aren’t buying it. He might have been able to trick other officials by twisting his story around until officials get dizzy, but Peruvian officals are staying straight on and keeping van der Sloot’s first confession in play.

Sorry van der sloot, you don’t have a “Get Out Of Jail For Free Card” this time. He’s not in the Netherlands or Aruba and is finding that he can’t run like he used to be able when his Dad and big name friends would cover for him and get him out of trouble.


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