Jordan Powers Feels Betrayed because She’s a Moron

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18-year-old Jordan Powers made headlines months ago when she entered a romantic relationship with her 41-year-old business class teacher. In a story that has shocked and angered many in the country, it appears that this rocky-road has met its end and the 18-year-old ditz is feeling “buyer’s remorse” over her choice to be with an obvious predator.

You see, 41-year-old James Hooker, the teacher in question, has a history of diddling girls he has no business diddling. In fact, he was just arrested on Friday for allegedly engaging in oral sex with a 17-year-old student, 14 years ago. The kicker is that 18-year-old Jordan Powers says she “feels betrayed” and immediately ended her relationship with the man when he called her from jail.

She really didn’t see this coming? Maybe she shouldn’t have been in business class if she couldn’t even grasp the common sense that comes with dating married men who have children. Maybe she should have been in some sort of remedial classes, or not in school at all, if she doesn’t possess even the slightest shred of common sense that would dictate that her decisions were not wise.

Jordan spoke to the media with a sob story full of “pity me” and other nonsense that she really should have seen coming. On what planet is it normal for a 41-year-old man to leave his wife and children for his student, whom he had romantic interest in since before she was even 18? Does she think she’s Courtney Stodden or something? Is she so brain-dead that she figured the abandoned wife and kids of a 41-year-old man didn’t matter in her little world of playing “house” with grownups?

Furthermore, why is this little twit so shocked that this happened? Also, she’s treating it as though he cheated on her. Well, this happened 14 years ago when she was only four years old. Maybe she finally wrapped her empty little head around the math and realized that he was messing with teenage girls before she was even old enough to wipe herself properly.

So now what’s next for Jordan Powers? Well, she threw away her future (temporarily) for this sex offender. She threw away her friends and blew off her own family, all so she could play “house” with a man old enough to be her father. She wasn’t smart enough to realize that a man who would leave behind his wife and kids for a teenager probably wasn’t the best choice for a boyfriend and now she has to live with those decisions.

But she honestly has nobody to blame for this but herself, and in a way, she got what she deserved. She learned a life lesson, and hopefully this lesson has prepared her for a life of better decision-making.

“How could he lie to me for all these months and look me in the eye and tell me he loves me? I don’t know how someone could have such a cold heart,” she said about his arrest and the news that he messes with kids.

Apparently the hamster died and fell off the wheel long before this girl got with Hooker. It would take an absolutely brain-dead person to witness a man leaving his wife and children for you, as a teenage nobody, and then not expect to be betrayed? Oh, Jordan, you didn’t expect this man to be so “cold-hearted” but you were there from the beginning, nagging on his cold-hearted nature when you took the idiot away from a family who relied upon him. Yes, he’s a sexual predator and he deserves to be locked up, but Jordan Powers probably won’t improve much in life either with the kind of mentality she has expressed and continues to express after all of this.

The stupidity is actually almost painful to witness, and it truly wouldn’t be amazing if this young woman ends up polishing stripper poles for a living, married to her manager. Hey, why sugarcoat things? Right?

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