Jose Canseco’s Sexist Post Break Up Twitter Rant

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Poor Jose Canseco. They say that breaking up is hard to do, but the former baseball great and Dr. Drew Pinsky patient flew into a major (roid?) rage when he went on a recent Twitter rant against his now ex-girlfriend, Leila Shennib. He even posted her real phone number on the site.

The drama started on July 13 when Jose Canseco was reportedly dumped by his girlfriend of 2 years, Leila Shennib. He did not take it well. And he took to his Twitter page to inform the world of his heartache. His first few messages did exactly that. In them, he expressed his sadness over the break-up.

“She was very special now its over so sad,” the forlorn Canseco Tweeted, adding later: “Falling in love sucks.”

But alas, a little later still, the Tweets turned nasty.

“Little secret about leila shennib,” he wrote sneeringly. “just offer her pot and she’s an easy lay.” Right. As if he’s always been a paragon of chastity.

Later, he added: “O bye the way she may ask u for a diamond ring or a car and then call you a piece of s*** that’s not human.” (sic)

After that, the troubled former athlete posted Leila’s phone number, which he then deleted almost immediately. But wait, there’s still more to come.

When a reporter from The Miami New Times reportedly contacted Jose Canseco about the bizarre incident. He didn’t deny it. He was rather proud of what he’d done. In fact, he “even admitted he would do it again.”

“When I said I’d never forgive or forget…” he ranted, “I wanted people to call her and ask her about what she’s said and what she did.”

When the reporter replied, rather oddly, that he intended to “turn the tables and publish Jose’s own phone number,” the former Celebrity Rehab reality star snapped:

“You obviously have something personal about this.” And then, he called the reporter “a piece of s***.”

Yikes. And they say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Man up, Jose. And if you can’t do that, please at the very least, shut up. There’s nothing worse than a whiny ex-jock licking his wounded pride in public. What would Dr. Drew say?

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