Josh Duhamel Thrown Off Plane: Blackberry Text Addict or Total Jerk?

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Josh Duhamel, ex-model and current film/TV star, was escorted off a U.S. Airways flight earlier this week, for basic bad behavior—on his Blackberry. We all know texting has gotten out of hand, but this was ridiculous. According to TMZ, which broke the story,  Josh Duhamel was texting the time away, sitting on the runway in a plane bound from New York to the bluegrass regions of Lexington, Kentucky, when the steward asked him to –you know the drill—“turn off all electronic devices.” But Josh wouldn’t play nice. He just texted on, complaining, as his rep later told TMZ, to a friend about the flight being delayed.

Josh Duhamel

Wouldn’t any sane person comply? This isn’t about walking around dirty floors barefoot or appearing in nude photos in the back rooms—with which, by the way, Josh is more familiar than most of us, since nude model shots of him are still all over the internet. This is about getting the plane off the ground!

Instead, Josh Duhamel played the ugly-celebrity role. You can’t tell me what to do, he, in effect, said to the steward, who asked him nicely three times to turn off the phone. Then he laughed. Maybe Duhamel, star of Transformers movies, thought the bothersome steward would transform into a robot and self-destruct. Maybe, as a cast member of “Las Vegas”, he thought celebs get to make their own rules. Not. Instead, two determined airline employees showed up and “escorted” Josh Duhamel back inside the terminal. The plane finally took off without him, further delayed by his antics. Did he think he was making friends and fans among the other passengers? A decided Not.

Josh Duhamel is married to Stacy Ferguson—Fergie—of the Black-Eyed Peas. Reports say her friends all think he is a jerk. Let’s think. What light does this recent behavior shed on that? Good luck, Fergie.

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