Josh Hutcherson Abandons Liam Hemsworth for New Bromance

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Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth’s bromance that started on the set of The Hunger Games may be over.

The costars became really good pals even though they play very different characters competing for the heart of the same woman, but in real life it’s not brave beauty Katniss that has come between them—it’s handsome District 4 tribute Finnick, who is being played by Snow White and the Huntsman star Sam Claflin.

According to E! Online, here’s what Jennifer Lawrence said about Josh and Sam’s Catching Fire bromance:

“[Sam] and Josh are in love. It’s the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my entire life. They’re crazy about each other and they’re inseparable. It’s incredible.”

Sadly for any Catching Fire fans who enjoy writing slash fanfiction about Peeta and Finnick, Jennifer Lawrence didn’t provide any story inspiration by revealing all the dirty details about the bromance between Josh Hutcherson and Sam Claflin. Does Sam playfully poke Josh in the behind with Finnick’s trident? And does Josh bake homemade bread for his BFF? This is the kind of stuff that fans just have to know!

It would also be interesting to know what Liam Hemsworth thinks of this new friendship and if he and Josh are still BFFs, too. Perhaps Miley Cyrus has been taking up all of Liam’s time lately; the couple does have a wedding to plan, after all. Now it will definitely be interesting to see if Josh gets an invite to the wedding since he’s seemingly replaced Liam, and hopefully things aren’t too awkward on the set of Catching Fire.

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