Josh Hutcherson Caught Buying Alcohol Even Though He’s Underage

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Josh Hutcherson had a good reason for recently saying that the legal drinking age should be 18—he’s such a big fan of alcohol already that he uses a fake I.D. to get it.

When The Hunger Games star was photographed leaving a Ralph’s Grocery store in Sherman Oaks, TMZ noticed that he didn’t just have a loaf of bread in his bag—instead it contained a $170 bottle of bottle of Macallan whiskey (isn’t Haymitch supposed to be the one with the drinking problem?).

TMZ talked to Ralph’s, and the store is going to investigate what happened since it could get in trouble for selling alcohol to a minor. However, Josh Hutcherson might be the one who’s really in trouble since he used a fake I.D.—he could be sentenced to up to six months in jail if he gets charged.

And Josh could have gotten an employee fired even though such an action wouldn’t be fair if his fake I.D. was really convincing. Then again, Josh might have used a terrible fake I.D., but perhaps he went through a checkout line being worked by a teen girl—most teens have seen The Hunger Games, so it would probably be pretty easy to get an excited fan to sell Peeta the alcohol.

Josh’s argument that the legal drinking age should be changed to 18 since kids are already allowed to go to war at age 18 makes sense—if someone can legally be given a gun and allowed to shoot at people at a certain age, then they should be legally allowed to drink alcohol. It’s also the legal drinking age in other countries like England. However, breaking the law probably isn’t the best way for Josh to make his point, and he’s setting a bad example for young fans of The Hunger Games who look up to him.

Hopefully Josh Hutcherson’s comments about the legal drinking age and his fake I.D. aren’t evidence that he’s already developing a drinking problem at such a young age —surely he’s looked at someone like Lindsay Lohan and realized just how devastating overdoing it with the alcohol can be. His career is going great right now, so hopefully he wises up and doesn’t blow it by breaking the law and drinking too much.

So do you think Josh is going to get in serious trouble for the bottle of whiskey?

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