Josh Hutcherson Dating ‘Victorious’ Star Ariana Grande?

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Josh Hutcherson has replaced his Disney girlfriend with a Nickelodeon star. Josh’s fans have happily been dreaming of snagging the seemingly single star ever since he had them swooning over him in The Hunger Games, but he’s actually been secretly dating Victorious actress Ariana Grande since the beginning of the year.

Josh previously dated High School Musical hottie Vanessa Hudgens after working with her on the movie Journey 2, and he’s such a great guy that they managed to stay friends after their breakup. So just like Justin Bieber, Josh definitely has a type – he seems to have a soft spot for brunette beauties. Ariana also has a bit of an edgy look just like Vanessa, who has embraced a Bohemian style. However, Ariana shows her individuality through her bright-red hair dye.

The adorable actress and Josh Hutcherson have managed to keep their relationship secret for months even though Josh is now one of the biggest celebrities in the world. In fact, he’s even got paparazzi following him around when he shops for groceries – he recently caused a minor scandal by being photographed buying a bottle of whiskey even though he’s a minor. Hopefully he’s not being a bad influence on 18-year-old Ariana Grande since she’s an actress that teens look up to – Nickelodeon execs probably would not be happy if she got caught underage drinking with Josh.

Even though he’s been keeping their relationship secret, Josh obviously cares a lot about Ariana. He even brought her to the premiere of The Hunger Games in L.A., but the couple was careful to avoid arousing suspicion and walked the red carpet separately.

It’s just too bad that Ariana Grande didn’t meet Josh Hutcherson earlier since she could have got him to help her land a role as a tribute in The Hunger Games — she would have made a great Foxface. But who knows? Maybe she met Josh while auditioning for the movie.

So do you think that Josh and Ariana make a good couple, or are you still holding out hope that he and Jennifer Lawrence will fall for each other a la Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? Sound off in the comments!

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