Josh Hutcherson Fans Love ‘Peeniss’ (Video)

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Josh Hutcherson fans have come up with some creative ways to show their love for his character in The Hunger Games—through some pretty sexually charged signs.

The actor recently dished about the dirty signs he has seen girls carrying during Conan O’Brien’s show, but obviously the raunchy posters are working; he certainly hasn’t forgotten them, and he did end up mentioning them on TV.

Some of the signs that really caught Josh’s attention made some overtly sexual statements like “You Can Put Your Loaf in my Oven” and “Want to have a threesome?” Both of these are certainly very raunchy, but while they might have shocked poor Josh Hutcherson, he should see the signs as a good sign that he’s arrived. Because even though his costar Liam Hemsworth might be a bit hotter than he is, Josh obviously is the one getting a Robert Pattinson-esque fan following.

However, one of the most insane signs he has seen has to be one that said, “I’m a Peetaphile.” Perhaps some crazy cougar fan of The Hunger Games was holding the sign; it seems like he and Liam Hemsworth might be getting a taste of what Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner went through with the Twilight moms. There’s nothing legally wrong with an older woman crushing on Josh since he’s over 18, but it’s a little creepy that a woman thought she was being cute by slightly changing the word “pedophile” to refer to Peeta.

However, Josh’s favorite sign is one that said “We heart Peeniss.” In fact, he loved the sign so much that he even took a picture behind it. Of course, this photo might have confused a lot of people who aren’t fans of The Hunger Games—they were probably left wondering if the kid from The Kids Are All Right was just coming out of the closet in a creative away, and perhaps they were questioning his English skills (a guy who can’t spell “penis” and refers to himself as “we” might need to take a break from movies and focus on his education). However, Peeniss is like the Brangelina of The Hunger Games; it’s what you get when you combine the names Peeta and Katniss, and it’s actually a lot better than Katpee. (Note to aspiring young adult book writers: you might want to really think about how your romantically involved characters’ names sound when combined.)

Josh Hutcherson seems genuinely concerned about some of the signs he’s been seeing, especially since he thinks some of the girls holding them don’t seem old enough to be using such raunchy language. But as Robert Pattinson, Justin Bieber, and the guys of One Direction know all too well, fans will do some crazy things to get the attention of their favorite stars.

Check out Josh talking about crazy fans of The Hunger Games below. The video also shows a photo of Josh posing with the Peeniss sign.

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