Josh Hutcherson Has Crazy Night of ‘Hookers, Rum and a Tranvestite’ in New Film

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Josh Hutcherson went from an island to a war and now he’s apparently partying off all that stress with hookers, rum and tranvestites. All on film, of course.

Movies like Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and The Hunger Games will have nothing on Josh’s latest endeavor: traversing all over Cuba and encountering things he’s probably never seen before.

In 7 Days in Havana, Josh plays Teddy, a young American actor who goes to Cuba. On his trip he encounters a variety of things but remains “aloof” to the poverty and prostitutes that surround him.

Apparently, The Hunger Games star wanted to take on a more gritty, grown-up role but sadly the film isn’t getting great reviews at the Cannes International Film Festival.

While Josh isn’t slammed in any way personally for his performance, the entire film is slammed and is said to “leave you with a sour aftertaste.”

Hopefully, Josh Hutcherson will be able to redeem himself by taking on some new roles which don’t involve sex, booze and cross-dressers!

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