Josh Hutcherson Not Sure He is Dreamier Than Robert Pattinson, but Jennifer Lawrence Does!

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Josh Hutcherson has got be tired of the constant comparison to Robert Pattinson. He is a good sport and plays along with the questions he is regularly asked in interviews as he works to promote his upcoming flick, Hunger Games. The sci-fi trilogy is constantly pitted against Twilight for obvious reasons, but it will be interesting to see which film does better.

Josh stopped by the MTV studios with his co-star, Jennifer Lawrence. They agreed to play a little game of Yes/No with Josh Horowitz. The host posed a question directed at Josh. He asked, if Josh felt he was dreamier than his counterpart, Rob Pattinson. Jennifer quickly answered with an emphatic yes, but Josh was not so sure and seemed hesitant to answer.

The Hunger Games star explains Rob has the whole British thing going for him, which apparently makes him dreamier. Jennifer tries to make him feel better and says “you sound like a hick sometimes.” Hmm, she is dating a British guy, but must find the country boy accent sexy. Josh asked if that was attractive and Jen quickly reassured him it most certainly was. Rob definitely has sultry good looks going for him, but Josh has the cute boy next door image. Which do you prefer?

The MTV host also asked the stars which film would win in a cage match, Twilight or Hunger Games. Both agreed the vampires were pretty tough to beat and would most likely win. What do you think? Do Josh Hutcherson and his fellow Hunger Games crew have what it takes to beat the massive Twilight franchise?

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