Josh Hutcherson Talks about Kissing Jennifer Lawrence: Could They Hook Up in Real Life?

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Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence’s kiss in The Hunger Games might not be as highly anticipated as the smooch shared between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight, but it sounds like it’s going to be pretty good.

Josh recently talked about the famous Peeta and Katniss cave scene from the book, and he dished about what it was like kissing his gorgeous costar. According to Celebuzz, here’s how Josh rated Jennifer’s kissing capabilities: “Twelve out of 10, 100 percent.”

Sounds like he really enjoyed locking lips with Jennifer! So could there be a chance that swapping spit onscreen will lead to Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence hooking up in real life, a la Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?

Unfortunately, Josh is just going to have to enjoy being in pretend-love with Jennifer—her heart currently belongs to British Skins star Nicholas Hoult. Like Rob and Kristen, Jennifer and Nicholas met while filming a movie together—they both played blue characters in the movie X-Men: First Class. Hoult starred as Beast, and Jennifer got majorly made up to transform into Mystique.

Nicholas Hoult could become just as big of a deal as his girlfriend in upcoming movies like zombie love story Warm Bodies and the fairytale flick Jack the Giant Killer, so he and Jennifer make quite the Hollywood power couple.

Meanwhile, Josh Hutcherson was last linked to Vanessa Hudgens, who is now dating Austin Butler. But no one should feel bad for Josh—he’s well on his way to building a female fan base just as big as Robert Pattinson’s. Plus there are plenty of pretty young actresses playing tributes in The Hunger Games for him to flirt with, and his costar Liam Hemsworth could always hook him up with one of girlfriend Miley Cyrus’ pals (like Demi Lovato).

So who do you think Josh should kiss in real life?

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