Josh Hutcherson Talks About Working with Ex Vanessa Hudgens on ‘Journey 2′

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Did Josh Hutcherson have a hard time being around his Journey 2: The Mysterious Island costar Vanessa Hudgens after they broke up? And how long did they really date? The Hunger Games star recently opened up about their relationship.

Josh might seem like he’s in an uncomfortable position—he’s been promoting an upcoming movie with an ex-girlfriend, after all. But he’s handling it surprisingly well. In fact, he told the New York Post that he only dated Vanessa for two months and that they have become “best friends” since breaking up. And who can blame him for being okay with being single?

It’s not like Vanessa Hudgens has been desperately trying to get back with him as they’ve been doing promotional interviews together—instead she’s been photographed engaging in some serious PDA with her new boyfriend, Austin Butler. And why in the world would Josh Hutcherson want to be tied down right now? He could become the next Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner because of his new movie The Hunger Games.

It’s safe to say that girls will go crazy over him and Liam Hemsworth when the movie hits theaters—like Twilight, The Hunger Games is based on a book popular with teen girls. But Josh has a bit of an edge over Liam—his costar is currently dating Miley Cyrus, so more girls might flock to Josh knowing that he’s single.

But for right now, he’s just enjoyed being friendly with his ex. He describes Vanessa Hudgens as “silly and goofy and clumsy sometimes,” so it sounds like she’s always good for a laugh. It’s nice to know that he and Vanessa get along so well, but it would be really interesting to know how Austin Butler feels about his girlfriend spending time with her ex.

So do you think Austin should be jealous, and are you looking forward to seeing Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson together one last time in Journey 2? Or do you prefer to wait to see him as Peeta in The Hunger Games? Sound off in the comments!

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