Josh Hutcherson Would Get Naked for Jennifer Lawrence

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Josh Hutcherson’s recent comments about his feelings for Jennifer Lawrence might leave her boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult, feeling a little concerned—The Hunger Games hottie recently said that he’d get naked for his costar!

Usually a guy will only strip down for a girl that he has a chance of getting to sleep with, but not Josh; he’d do it for Jen simply because he’s a good friend (and he thinks that she’d do the same for him!).

Next Movie was grilling Josh to see if he’s as loyal as his character, Peeta, in real life (after all, Josh does keep saying that he’s just like the boy with the bread). He was asked if he would volunteer to tightrope walk across Niagara Falls for Jennifer Lawrence or if he’d make her do it, and the oh-so-chivalrous gentleman stated that he’d make Jen risk her life (but only because she’s more physically fit than him and has had training in free running). He also says that Jen would do it “out of her love” for him. Peeta would just sadly shake his head at Josh Hutcherson for forcing Katniss to risk her life, love or no love.

But Josh would show his love for Jennifer in another wild way—by walking through Time Square naked. However, he doesn’t think that he’d have to because Jen would don her birthday suit in public first. Here’s what he said about his Hunger Games costar stripping down: “I think Jennifer kind of wants to walk through Times Square naked already. I think that’s something she’d be up for because she’s a bit of a crazy person. But I’d do it if she didn’t want to.” (Jennifer is probably about to get a lot of movie role offers that require nude scenes.)

Somebody really needs to get Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson to make some sort of Hunger Games-related bet that involves them getting naked in Times Square—perhaps they should have to do it if their movie doesn’t smash box office records (but unfortunately there wouldn’t be much chance of it happening then).

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