Josh Hutcherson’s Costar Says That he’s Dreamier Than Robert Pattinson

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Josh Hutcherson has come a long way since he starred with Kristen Stewart in the family movie Zathura: A Space Adventure—now he’s set to become a major Hollywood heartthrob thanks to The Hunger Games, and some girls might argue that he’s hotter than Kristen’s Twilight costar/boyfriend, Robert Pattinson.

Josh’s The Hunger Games costar Jennifer Lawrence is one of the girls who prefers his clean-cut, boy-next-door look over Rob’s grungier, messier sense of style (at least he finally shaved his head to his hair won’t be so dirty).

Jennifer and Josh were recently asked a series of Yes or No questions by Josh Horowitz of MTV, and she admitted that Katniss probably wouldn’t be able to beat one of the vampires from Twilight in a battle unless she had a silver bow and arrow (of course, that would really only work on Taylor Lautner’s werewolf character, if the silver bullet legends are to be believed).

But Jennifer Lawrence emphatically said “Yes” when Josh Hutcherson was asked if he’s dreamier than Robert Pattinson, even though The Hunger Games hottie doesn’t agree that he’s more gorgeous than the brooding Brit because he doesn’t have a sexy accent. Luckily for Josh, Jennifer thinks it’s sexy that he sounds like a hick sometimes.

Of course, Jennifer probably felt the pressure to flatter her costar during the interview, and she obviously finds British accents sexy—she is dating Skins star Nicholas Hoult, after all. But there are probably plenty of girls now that would agree that Josh is dreamier than Robert Pattinson.

For one thing, Rob is already taken by Kristen Stewart, so being single should help Josh’s sex symbol status. And not every girl is going to be a fan of Rob’s lazy hygiene habits—at least Josh looks like he showers daily. He also seems to be more upbeat and outgoing than Rob, and some female fans will simply prefer his sunnier personality—every girl has different tastes when it comes to guys.

So what do you think, was Jennifer Lawrence full of it or not when she said that Josh Hutcherson is hotter than Robert Pattinson?

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