Josh Powell Suicide: Could it have been prevented?

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The email from was two sentences long.

“I’m sorry. Good bye,” Josh Powell had actually written to his relative, Nathan Leach, along with various family members.

Leach, a cousin of Powell’s in Texas, panicked when he saw the message Sunday afternoon.

Leach realized his cousin had actually been under mounting strain as he waged a bitter custody quarrel having his in-laws, Chuck as well as Judy Cox. From afar, Leach viewed as his relative happened to be put under a microscope as a person of passion in the disappearance of Susan Cox Powell, last observed in West Valley Town in 2009.

When Leach saw Powell’s cryptic email, he recounted frantically calling his cousin and also Josh’s brother and sister Michael as well as Alina Powell. He then called 911 from Texas to deliver emergency services to Josh’s home in Puyallup.

“I expected he happened to be going to tarnish himself,” Leach stated in a Sunday evening interview. But exactly what transpired next was unimaginable, he said.

By the time emergency responders arrived at the home, it was in flames. Josh as well as his two sons were expired.

Leach expressed Josh Powell’s loved ones is now left attempting to conceive what went horribly incorrect.
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Leach contacted Michael Powell on Sunday evening, that expressed he had no sign his pal planned to dedicated suicide.

“According to Michael there happened to be no talk of any of this,” Leach said. “That was a remarkably terrible choice he made. I won’t be able to picture the tension that took him there, none of us have the ability to.”

Leach expressed the Powell family happens to be mourning certainly not just the outrageous death of loved one, but happens to be even distressed over the scenarioes that led up to Sunday’s inferno.

Josh Powell had been cyberbullied because his darling’s disappearance, on Facebook pages dedicated to finding Susan that called him as a suspect as well as slandered his behavior, Leach expressed. The probability of Josh Powell happening to be required to go through an invasive psychosexual review as part of his custody dispute, additionally troubles the loved ones, Leach said.

“I can easily advise you that Josh was terrorized. I’m sure there are folks out there that might take into account this proper granted the mass presumption of his sense of guilt. We all want to watch crooks buy exactly what they have actually done, however when evidence lacks for due process to make this transpire, happens to be this the proper method of alternate prosecution? This reminds me of North Korea’s method– walk the accused out within a field as well as installed a bullet in them. The variation here happens to be that everybody spends their time savoring the prelude as some form of ill home entertainment while posting Bible scriptures to justify to themselves the cause for which they are finding so much fulfillment,” Leach expressed.

“We happen to be all outraged at what has actually taken place, both for Josh’s unquestionably abhorrent final act and for the activities of the additional folks entailed. We just can’t assist however question if this can have happened to be defended against typically.”

Leach expressed funeral arrangements for Josh Powell are up in the air, yet expressed he hopes the Powell as well as Cox loveds ones are able to arrive at some sort of truce so all can easily mourn the deaths of family members collectively.

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