Joss Stone Caught up in a Murder Conspiracy

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Joss Stone, the 24-year old bluesy British songbird, was almost the target of a home invasion and murder conspiracy before police nipped it in the bud. This is a terrifying story that may somber you up a bit after fantasizing about living in the lap of luxury and fame. When you’re known, you’re sometimes targeted by mental individuals. Hopefully Joss Stone isn’t too shaken up over this.

The two men, aged 33 and 30, were acting suspiciously near the rural home of the famous singer. Neighbors noting the suspicious behavior contacted police and they were quickly apprehended. Upon searching these men, investigators found rope, aerial photos of Joss’s property and a body bag. It was more than apparent that these men had plans to kidnap and murder Joss Stone.

Stone is a close friend of Kate and Prince William and even attended the Royal Wedding. She’s worth more than 12 million dollars with more than 10 million albums sold worldwide. It’s hard to understand how these idiots thought they’d get away with pulling off this kind of operation; hopefully this has alerted Joss Stone to get heightened security around her property.

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