Journey by richard lynn livesay

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Obtuse offerings that suck the air from your nose

blow the tires off the microscopic mind benders

and channelings are not deep enough to drown

disembodied fireflies that still filter the oily waters

trailing tails like the tale of Paul Revere’s lantern

bright but not too intelligent to be or not to be


Starlight expressing yesterdays

while we’ve already been there tomorrow



Magnum palaces need undocumented workers

remnants of Che’ on his South American motorcycle

giving easy riders a toke before the Cuban crisis

transporting the Eldridge to a Tesla time-warp

for survival of the fittest bites off your head

and embalms you with Alpo and kitty liter


Starlight expressing yesterdays

while it’s already been there tomorrow



Silver ribbons detach physicality’s breath to fly

into the light, bright with the glow of souls

returning home, assessing their blessings

released from unknowing fear to sincere truth

caressed by love, nurtured beyond excess

today is a thousand years of perfect harmony

                                                              …if you know it

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RICHARD LYNN LIVESAY - Poet/Artist•Born 1943 Lubbock, Texas, lives in Greenville, SC• Education: U. of Ariz., Lubbock Christian College, Texas Tech U.• Careers: Art, Medical, Transportation, Entertainment• Curr

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