JR Celski tattoo as seen on television – PHOTO of Olympic winner without shirt from television

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The JR Celski tattoo on television the other night wasn’t hard to miss. He was showing it on television when changing his shirt (unintentionally) and the tattoo is so big that you can’t miss it – that just wouldn’t have been possible. The interesting piece of art at the 2010 Olympics was a nice change of pace compared to the basic shirtless hottie (this is a hottie plus tat – a double winner.)

JR Celski is the 2010 winner of the 1500m Short-Track Bronze Medal in Vancouver who has made a serious wave showing off his tattoo when changing his clothes on television.

Celski has proudheritage from the Philippines, and had the tattoo done to reflecthow he feels about his roots. Since he has been training in Colorado and Utah for the

2010 Olympics, it is safe to say that has been his entire life until winning the Bronze and taking time to enjoy the payoffs of his hard work.

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