Jude Law Admits to Onstage Whiskey Binge

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Jude Law got drunk on stage during a live performance and now has quite a story to tell. Law, who visited with David Letterman Friday night, told the story of a switched bottle and becoming three sheets to the wind, while a paying audience watched.

Ok, so maybe it was not nearly as bad as Jude Law makes it sound. Goodness knows, he is an actor, so he does tell stories for a living. Needless to say, Jude does make a convincing storyteller when he discussed with Dave getting drunk on stage.

This is how Jude put the event that occurred during the last performance of Eugene O’Neill’s Anna Christie:

On the last night, the last scene. [There was this] big bottle of whiskey and we’d swig it and throughout the run I’d be taking huge glugs of this stuff and it’s water you know. And of course on the last night, he brings out a bottle of whiskey, unbeknownst to me… you don’t really drink whiskey like that [gulps].

Jude Law goes on to mention that he doesn’t remember much from the end of the performance. Lucky for him (and the audience) he did not pass out right there on stage. Law does mention, however, that the after party was “fantastic.” It is almost shocking that he actually can even remember that.

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