Juleps with Faulkner ~Genre Shorties ~ week 32 (Humour)

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Posted forGenre Shorties ~ week 32

prompt: write a tall tale using one or more of the words:

alimony, cheesecake, chipmunk, galaxy  in 100 words or less.



I remember just a sittin’ on the porch that sultry summer night, just a listenin’ to the junebugs whizzing by, and sippin’ on a mint julep… and hopin’ that those junebugs didn’t do any whizzing in the julep.

Anyhow, I heard somebody singin’ Zippity-doo-dah from behind the magnolia, so I went and took a look-see, and bless my britches!… It was none other than William Faulkner whittlin’ a wooden chipmunk… And, Oh my!, but the stories he told me that night as the glowworms glowed and the juleps flowed…

And that’s where all the bourbon went, Honey… honest!

~Mustafa Demiri



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