Julia Roberts Gets Angry And Protects Her Family from Intrusive Photographer: Did The ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ Actress Go Too Far?

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Mental note: Do not tick off Julia Roberts. Surprisingly, the happy-go-lucky “Pretty Woman” went after a photographer that was caught taking shots of her family in Los Angeles this week. According to Radar Online, Julia Roberts angrily confronted the man, and even got in his face. 

Nov. 8, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Glamour Women of the Year Awards.Glamour Magazine Honors the 2010 Women of the Year.Carnegie Hall, NYC.November 8, 2010.Photos by , Photos Inc 2010.JULIA ROBERTS.K66753SMO. © Red Carpet Pictures

The incident occurred on Monday while Roberts walked with her husband and three children through LA. Though the actress is usually agreeable with the paparazzi, she has made it very clear that her children are off limits, and this time was no exception. Therefore, she not so politely explained it to the man. 

This incident is not the first time Roberts has made her point clear to intrusive photographers. While the actress has clearly comes to terms with the fact that she is fair game, she feels that her children and family should be off limits, and she is correct. While celebrities deliberately put themselves in the spotlight, a child doesn’t have that choice, and they should be left in peace. It must be difficult enough growing up with a mother as famous as Julia Roberts, but constantly having a photographer hunt you down like a piece of meat is a whole new level of stress. 

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