Julia Roberts Paparazzi Smack Down! Don’t Upset the ‘Pretty Woman’

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Julia Roberts is known for being sweet but a paparazzi photographer discovered Julia is down to get dirty when she’s upset! The paparazzi photographer was snapping photos EAT PRAY LOVE JULIA ROBERTS 8X10 PHOTOof Roberts and her family when she confronted him, getting right up in his face. It was obvious she would of laid him out if she could have.

See a photo of the Julia Robert’s paparazzi fight via Radar Online. It’s easy to see why she would be upset. What parent in their right mind would sit back and allow a stranger to follow their children around and even to wait at their kids’ school all for pictures?

Julia Roberts’ paparazzi confrontation occurred after the photographer followed her, her husband and her three children around while constantly taking photos of them. Julia went from the “Pretty Woman” who was pretty calm to the angry mother who got right in the photographer’s face. Roberts was done playing nice. She has made it clear on many occasions that she does not want her children photographed and exploited.

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