Julia Stiles Has Arrived on Dexter (Video)

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In case you missed it this past weekend, Julia Stiles has arrived on Dexter. Since last spring, Showtime has been taunting viewers with her imminent appearance, including a one-on-one interview where she talks about her excitement over joining the cast.

Much speculation has been shared about what her role would actually be. Dexter’s wife is dead, and he is going to need a nanny. He hired a nanny, already. Will Julia Stiles replace her? Will she be a new love interest? Or will she be another nemesis, another serial killer with whom Dexter has to compete?

Surprise! Julia Stiles actually plays the kidnapping victim of Dexter’s latest kill, who was being held hostage in the upstairs of Boyd Fowler’s house. She sneaks downstairs, Dexter opens the door, and she falls into his arms, having seen everything.

Now that Dexter has found her, and she has seen everything, what is he supposed to do? Naturally, she is going to want to get away from him. He will not want to let her go, as she could expose him. He has broken part of Harry’s code: “Do not get caught.”

But how much did she actually see? The previews for next week’s episode make it seem like she saw a lot. It was awfully dark in that kill room.

Dexter must avoid breaking another part of Harry’s code, “Do not kill an innocent.” How is he going to do this? The last time he held someone hostage who knew about him was during Season 2, when he had Doakes locked up in that cage. Granted, Lila is the one who burned him to death, to save Dexter. Will someone else come to his rescue?

This latest twist in the sage is definitely something that viewers did not anticipate happening. Fans will again be on the edge of their seats next week as the story further unfolds.

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