Julia Stiles Shocked at Dexter’s Direction, So Are We – Episode 10: In The Beginning Clips (Video)

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Dexter’s storyline in Season 5 is even more nail biting than anyone could have possibly expected, and that includes co-star Julia Stiles. In an interview with The New York Post, Stiles says that she is shocked at the direction Dexter has taken this season. Stiles, who plays rescued sex slave Lumen, is under verbal lock about the storyline and what becomes of her character, but she does say, “I was shocked when I read where Lumen ends up. And I think it is very different from anything that’s ever happened to Dexter before.”

No one knew what to expect from this season with Rita (Julie Benz) gone and the concern was that the heart of the show, what made Dexter almost human, would go with her. But the writers have managed to create more depth, layers and mis-direction than in previous seasons.

Dexter is finally tapping into his feelings and experiencing jealousy, possessiveness and remorse. It is excruciating to watch him go through feelings he is not familiar with and doesn’t understand. We know that a lot of his recent actions – leaving a witness, killing a random stranger, and acquiring a co-conspirator – are a reaction to the loss of Rita but he is breaking Harry’s code, and that could ultimately doom him.

Typically, the season has a variety of low lives and one main demented soul that Dexter must contend with but this season, it is primarily a group that is committing multiple murders, and one of the victims, Lumen, is now his partner in crime. As they hunt down the men who abused her, they become closer and it is fascinating (and annoying) to see him wrestle with his feelings.

They have systematically taken out most of the group and are now hunting down the ring leader of the sadistic club, Jordan Chase, a motivational speaker who has motivated others to kidnap, rape, torture and kill. Chase (Jonny Lee Miller) is onto Dexter and Lumen and frankly, he cool calm and collected mannerism is frightening.

Dexter’s sister sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) has entered into an intimate relationship with her partner Quinn, who is suspicious of Dexter and has hired a crooked ex cop to investigate him. Liddy (Peter Weller) has gone rouge, Quinn (Desmond Harrington) can’t control him and wants out because he is in love with Debra, but he is in way over his head and he might not make it to the end of the season.

LaGuerta (Lauren Valez) habitually manipulates situations in her favor, and has no qualms about stepping on others to further her career. What redeems her is the disgusting ability to redeem herself with the way she has protected Dexter and Batista, making it difficult to hate her for long. We had hoped by marrying Batista (David Zayas) she would be a little more user-friendly, but that isn’t the case. If that union makes it until the end of the season it will be a miracle.

LaGuerta threw an equally ambitious Debra under the bus after a failed drug sting, and now she is off the streets and in the file room with unsolved cases and access to all sorts of information. On her first day in the file room (where she is supposed to be filing not investigating) her nosiness has managed to get the “Barrel Girls” case re-opened, which might lead her to Lumen and point fingers in Dexters direction again.

With only three episodes left, there are so many twists and turns being thrown at fans that it is painful waiting for the next episode which will air on Sunday on Showtime. Is it too much to ask that the series never end?

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