Julian Assange Defends ‘WikiLeaks’ on ’60 Minutes’

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Julian Assange defended WikLeaks on “60 Minutes.” Assange made an appearance on the show to tell his side of the story and to defend himself against criticism and controversy.

Assange is the leader behind WikiLeaks. Everyone wants to know his reasoning for having the whistle-blowing website that is exposing secret documents that are classified. He has come under personal attack and stands accused of sexual crimes against two women. He has been released on bail, but is under house arrest. He decided to defend him on “60 Minutes.

Julian Assange said in his interview with Steve Kroft, “The statements by the Vice President Biden saying, for instance that I was a high-tech terrorist. Sarah Palin calling to our organization to be dealt with like the Taliban, and be hunted down. There’s calls either for my assassination or the assassination of my staff or for us to be kidnapped and renditioned back to the United States to be executed.”

What is everyone so upset about? Some of what Julian Assange has released is being blamed for the changes in Tunisia, the unrest in Egypt, and now the United States. Assange is concerned for his safety with U.S. government officials such as Joe Biden calling him a high-tech terrorist. He thinks he may be kidnapped and executed.

Do you think he is a danger to world peace? Would you like to see him brought to the United States to answer for his WikiLeaks? Some people believe so, and Julian Assange is scared. He is currently under house arrest in England for his alleged sexual crimes, but he would not discuss that case with Steve Kroft of “60 Minutes.”


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