Julian Assange: Interpol Issues International Arrest Warrant

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Wanted for “Sex Crimes,” WikiLeaks Founder Faces Mounting Legal Problems


Ever since WikiLeaks began to release video and documents dealing with the U.S., a world superpower, Julian Assange has had to deal with the prospect of being targeted or wanted for “crimes.” And, now there is no longer is any doubt about whether Assange is a wanted man. Interpol has issued an international arrest warrant that originated from Sweden and says the warrant is for “sex crimes.”


The Guardian newspaper, based in the UK, reports, “Swedish prosecutors have issued an international and European arrest warrant (EAW) for him in connection with rape allegations, and the warrant has been upheld by a Swedish appeal court.”


“Assange strongly denies any wrongdoing but admits having unprotected but consensual encounters with two women during a visit to Sweden in August,” the newspaper details. “Mark Stephens, his London-based lawyer, has described the allegations as ‘false and without basis’, adding that they amount to persecution as part of a cynical smear campaign.” And, the paper adds, “The Swedes appear determined to force Assange back to Sweden for questioning.”


A warrant was issued for Assange back when he leaked the Afghan War Logs. The Swedish government accused Assange of rape and then the Swedish Prosecution Authority said on its website the “chief prosecutor had come to the decision that Mr. Assange was not suspected of rape but did not give any further explanation.” The warrant was revoked and then reinstated.



The Afghan War Logs were released in July and the Swedish government put out a warrant in August. The Iraq War Logs were released in October and, although the warrant had been canceled, Sweden refused to grant Assange a work and residency permit. And, now, the Internet activist has not just begun a document dump but rather a carefully planned trickle of State Department cables over the next month and Interpol puts out an international arrest warrant. Each legal action by Sweden has had a way of obscuring the impact of WikiLeaks’ release of previously classified information.


Is there a possibility that the US government and other governments who despise WikiLeaks are working in concert to not just stop WikiLeaks but destroy any respectability Assange has as a person? A look at Assange and one would likely admit the charge of “rape” could easily be used to defame and slander Assange (search Twitter and you will find countless users suggesting he looks like a Bond villain).


Governments are coming after Assange. Several want to show they will not tolerate such an institution, which they think has a total contempt for power and authority. Russia, fearing information is about to be released that might be damaging to Kremlin leaders, could resort to ruthless measures to bring Julian Assange to its knees.


At least, for the ideological defender of openness and transparency in society, Ecuador has offered to grant Assange residency to come work in the country and train researchers for the Foreign Ministry. As Australia, where Assange is from, and others step up their assessments of whether Assange is guilty of any charges, Assange will likely appreciate knowing that at least some countries are not going to be manufacturing support for his arrest.


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