Julianne Hough, Ryan Seacrest Relationship “Tough?”

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As the holidays draw near Julianne Hough is learning how tough it is to have a relationship with Ryan Seacrest. Is it Ryan, the holidays, or perhaps a crazy work schedule that is making dating so “hard?”

Joe Seer / Shutterstock.comActually, it seems that Julianne Hough, though happy to be working, is now realizing how difficult it is to be in a relationship when both partners are completely on the go. However, Julianne seems to be thriving in the fact that a relationship with Ryan Seacrest is worth working hard to keep up.

In a recent interview, Julianne admits that she is trying hard:

I say this all the time, but when it’s worth it, you just kind of figure it out…You just make [the relationship] work.

So, as Julianne and Ryan head toward the holidays, relationship strain can come from all sorts of places, such as whose family are they spending Thanksgiving with. It turns out that instead of splitting time for the holiday, they are hosting. Talk about a great solution, until one realizes that they have to cook for a million people.

Luckily, for Julianne Hough, Seacrest has some high-profile friends to ask for advice in hosting the holiday dinner. Julianne admits that Ryan has asked Martha Stewart for a little advice. If everyone could be so lucky as to have a boyfriend with Martha Stewart on speed dial.

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