Julianne Hough Talks Ryan Seacrest And Romance On Ellen Degeneres

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Julianne Hough stepped out with Ryan Seacrest last night to attend the premiere of her upcoming movie. The actress is one of the stars of Burlesque which hits theaters on November 24th. Earlier in the day, she sat down with Ellen Degeneres to talk about her role and her love life. It has long been talked about, but not many details have been known about her relationship with the “American Idol” host. That has changed!

In her sit down with Ellen Degeneres, which aired on Tuesday, November 16th, the actress was quite open about her relationship with Seacrest. This is definitely a change from what she has done in the past in regard to the relationship! 

According to her, he is quite the romantic side to him. She said the following during the interview: “He’s really romantic. He’s not even in town and I got in my car and there are flowers everywhere. For my birthday, same thing — like flowers everywhere. I was almost embarrassed. You walk in and you’re like, ‘Is this my room? I don’t even know.’ I’m kind of embarrassed.”


Sounds like she has quite the guy there! Ellen Degeneres even talks with the actress about trying to help Ryan find the one with her wife Portia De Rossi. Ellen believes Seacrest just works too hard, and he needs love in his life to be balanced. Love is an important part of life. He has his career in place, so it is the right time for a relationship. He just needed to find the right girl for him. Has he done that here? No way to know for sure, but it looks like he might have.

He is just a very busy man with all he does! He needed someone that understood his work side. With “American Idol” duties on Fox, a radio show, a possible cable channel of his own in the works, and his duties with E! News, it is hard to imagine how he finds the time to spend with his lady, Julianne Hough.

She has been keeping quite busy too though. Not only does she have “Burlesque” on the way out, she has also been filming the “Footloose” remake. She has taken on the role made famous by Lori Singer in the original film. This is one new Hollywood couple everyone seems to be watching! Will they last? That remains to be seen! For now, they look to be quite happy, and that is important. Go here for the latest in entertainment news and gossip.

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