Julianne Moore Ad Banned for Being Too Racy for the Public

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Actress Julianne Moore seems to be hot water in Italy this week. An advertisement she made for Bulgari is causing a lot of buzz as the actress appears nude covered by a few well placed items. Namely the product of the company and two lion cubs.

The controversy is happening right now in Venice, Italy. The mayor of the city, Giorgio Orsoni, said the image was inappropriate for placement on a billboard in Venice. Another representative for the city said the following: “I take account of the fact that Venice is part of the real word…but we cannot accept these Hollywood-style images. There are intelligent sponsors, and we need to come up with advertising that suits Venice, not Times Square.”

To see the ad in question, go here. What do you think? Is it too racy to be in public viewing? Another billboard featuring Moore fully clothed will be used instead.

Julianne Moore is turning fifty this year, and for that age she looks amazing. A woman that can still show off her body like that is something to notice. The actress began her career on CBS soap “As The World Turns” in 1985, and since then she has gone on to movies as well as further television appearances including an appearance on NBC’s 30 Rock. For the latest in celebrity news, go here.

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