Julianne Moore is the Victim of a Jewel Heist

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Actress Julianne Moore, who just won an Emmy for playing Sarah Palin in the movie Game Change, is the victim of a jewel heist. Reportedly, the thief got away with about $127K worth of Moore’s baubles. One single piece reportedly values in at $33K. It’s a diamond bracelet from the famed jewelers — Cartier.

The theft took place over the summer at Moore’s West Village pad in New York. Ten pieces of the beautiful redhead’s private jewel collection are reportedly missing. However, the exact date of the heist isn’t know. Moore was working on a film project at the time and away from her apartment. That’s why she didn’t immediately discover the missing baubles.

Julianne has now filed the proper paperwork with the police and an investigation has begun. It could, however, take a while given that Moore’s apartment was under construction during the time of the theft. Somewhere between 15 and 25 people had access to Julianne Moore’s home at the time of the heist. All of them will likely be questioned as part of the investigation. Consequently, as of yet, no arrests are forthcoming.

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