Julie Bowen Talks Breastfeeding (PHOTO)

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Julie Bowen sat down with George Lopez Monday night to talk about both her hit ABC sitcom, Modern Family (the blonde beauty plays Claire Dunphy), and another, less relevant, topic: Breastfeeding. You can view the interview here.

In what has inevitably been reduced to a controversy over sexuality by the media, Bowen showed this picture during the interview on Lopez’s late night talk show of her breastfeeding her twins at the same time.

Bowen, who has one-year-old twins Gus and John, likened breastfeeding to being like a “liposuction machine”, attributing her svelte post-baby body to nursing.

I, personally, don’t see what the big deal is. Chill out, America, they’re just breasts. And believe it or not, sexual as they can be, they’re actually intended for feeding babies! Shocking, isn’t it?

I am always impressed when celebrities advocate for breastfeeding and share their own experiences. And while yes, she could’ve touted the other benefits as well, do I think that those women on the fence about whether or not to breastfeed might be swayed by hearing about her weight loss? Yep. And as long as more women are breastfeeding, does it really matter why?

I say good for you, Julie Bowen! Breastfeeding twins presents challenges that I cannot even imagine, and if you want to use a picture to bring the issue to the forefront of bloggers and celebrity gossip hounds everywhere, more power to you.

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