July 2009: What are you reading?

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Lazy days at the beach, work lunch-breaks, and warm nights before bed… What do they all have in common? The answer is a great summer read.

I realize it’s not quite July yet, and maybe the selections on my reading list don’t make the most sense with the whole “summer read” thing, but this morning at 10 a.m. Kerri Miller’s topic on Midmorning is summer reading suggestions, and so we thought we’d introduce this with that. Listen in to what Kerri has to say either on air or online. And yes, I love romance novels just as much as the next girl, but who’s to say the story between Lady Ashley and Jake in the “Sun Also Rises” isn’t romantic?

Of course, once I stop getting distracted by life and sit down and finish Mr. Hemingway’s masterpiece, there’s more I need to read. Beginning with Thomas Hardy’s “Far From the Madding Crowd.” So many close friends have been sold on his works, I have to experience it for myself.

Those are my July reading plans in a jiff. What are you reading? What do you recommend?

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