Just a Quick Dabble and Question about Saving Grace, Burn Notice, Baby Borrowers, 60 Minutes and other Recent TV shows

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I don't get to watch tv much but I finally got a chance to catch up. What do people think of these shows or any others? Saving Grace seemed to start off powerfully, considering I wasn't up to speed on that one. Baby Borrowers doesn't seem like "reality tv" to me nor does it represent teen pregnancy or raising teens, not with a Nanny Cam there 24/7 as well as the parents viewing everything, ready to jump in. One family member likes Burn Notice but I was particularly moved by 60 Minutes coverage of Remote Area Medical (RAM) a team of volunteer doctors who help those in need in rural or other areas in our country.

And I guess the New Yorker cover is the real talk of the nation, from what I can see and hear at many online sites and those friends I meet for coffee.

As for first and second impressions:
Saving Grace: held my attention, gritty and I found Holly Hunter's character to be intriguing

60 Minutes – made me cry about the state of the health care system and people, hard-working people, having to live with infected teeth and lack of decent medical care for a long time.

The Closer (forgot to mention I saw that one) Also held my interest, want to see more episodes.

 Baby Borrowers – not my cup of tea but if it discourages teen pregnancy as a "hot trend" then I can see the upside of it.

Burn Notice – I watch it to spend time with my husband. He likes it. Maybe it is geared mostly to males, although the lead character is pretty easy on this female's eyes ;)

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