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In YOU’VE GOT MAIL Kathleen,Meg Ryans character is sitting in the cafe waiting for her mystery man to show up. When it looks like she is about to be stood up in walks the guy she hates as his corporate big box book store is pushing her little book shop out of business and she blames him somehow. Implying that he has no heart and compassion for the little man and that his store is just an anonymous box; and while the public might not remember her they will remember her mother, the original owner of the quaint book shop.Kathleen goes on to compare Mr. Fox to her online friend saying that her friend was funny and compassionate and that Mr. Fox was just a suit. Mr. Fox’s response to that was “But he’s not here.” This is what could possibly be going through his head as she is describing “Mr. right”

If she only knew that he is me.

I don’t really think she blames him for the box store taking over and her pride makes her hate him as he is the representative for Fox Books. Kathleen wants to like him but can’t see past the business related issues and see him for the nice guy he really is. He is trying to be a friend.

I liked the over all story but thought that Kathleen was a bitch at first as she was outwardly nasty to Tom Hanks character. I liked the movie over all and thought there were some touching moments. I like happy endings and seeing the softer side of Kathleen. She could have been mad at Mr. Fox for not coming clean on who he was after he figured out it was her online. I have watched this movie many times and rate it at the top of my chickflick list.

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