‘Just Go With It’ Review: Sandler Pulls Off Sensitivity and Humor

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In Adam Sandler’s Just Go With It, the comedian/actor finds a way of combining his different movie styles into one. After being a “Not Ready for Prime Time Player” on Saturday Night Live, he starred in and produced a slew of comedies that were seen as sophomoric and sometimes raunchy, although extremely popular with fans.

As he aged, so did his movie content, with it became much more sensitive. In Just Go With It, Sandler manages to find a way to combine both styles, with a humor that references sexual situations but isn’t too raunchy and is still sensitive at the same time.

Adam Sandler 6821In this current film, Sandler plays Danny, a plastic surgeon. Just minutes before he was scheduled to walk down the aisle, he heard his intended talking about his very large nose and also heard she had been cheating on him. He ditches her and winds up in a bar, where he creates a lie for the first time.

Asked by a beautiful woman why he’s wearing a wedding ring, Danny lies and says he’s married, but that his wife has both a shopping and crack addiction. After ending up with the beautiful woman, Danny creates a game out of meeting and bedding women in this manner. He also gets his nose done and decides to switch his medical specialty from cardiology to plastic surgeon.

Danny meets yet another hot blonde, Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), and manages to spend the night with her without even having to resort to donning his fake wedding ring and fake marriage. She finds the ring in his pocket, however, and refuses to date him any more, not wanting to get messed up with a married man.

Although he started this relationship being completely honest, Danny resorts back to his old ways and tells Palmer he’s days away from divorcing his wife. Palmer insists on meeting his soon-to-be ex before she will consent to dating him. Needing to find a woman very quickly who will pretend to be his wife, Danny turns to his assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) and pays for a new wardrobe for her to be sure she convincingly looks the part.

The movie is filled with sight gags and breast-size humor but also manages to get in quite a few extremely funny lines and situations. Fellow Saturday Night Live alumnus Rachel Dratch tells a suitor that she can’t go out with him, because she’s “kind of seeing anyone else.”

Finding out that the shoes Katherine wants are $1,700, Danny asks if Mickey Mantle signed them, or if they’re made out of panda.

The costars add a lot to the film as well. Nicole Kidman pulls off the comedy quite well, as does Nick Swardson. Bailee Madison and Griffin Gluck play Katherine’s precocious children, Maggie and Michael. They get pulled into Danny’s ruse and set up quite the deal for themselves, to make sure lying is worth their while. Additionally, Michael tells Danny there’s more to his mom’s rockin’ body than she admits to. He explains she “takes spinning classes like they’re M & Ms.”

Throughout all the comedy, Just Go With It still manages to bring in the romance and the warmth, like a true romantic comedy. There isn’t a single moment in the film where seasoned filmgoers don’t know exactly how this thing is going to end, but it’s still a fun ride to get to that point.

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