Just How Hot is the New Call of Duty?

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When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 hit the stores at midnight, Tuesday, November 8, thousands of fans up to be the first to grab it. The military game has been the most hyped and highly anticipated game of the year.

In the Canadian newspaper The Times Colonist, 18-year-old gamer William Reid explains why he is so excited about Modern Warfare 3, in which Russia invades New York City:

“It’s so much fun. There are always people online, and it’s just such a massive war game,” he said. “Call of Duty has been around for so long and it’s so good at letting you re-enact war games. There are so many things you wouldn’t be able to do in other games, like call in artillery strikes and auto turrets and you can get attack helicopters and a nuke that automatically ends the game.”

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So hot is this game that the service released along with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the Call of Duty: Elite Service, which keeps track of online game stats in m minute detail, could not handle the traffic. Players eager to know how many shots they fired with a particular weapon or their exact number of completed missions could not register or access the service. The official Call of Duty Twitter reassured players, however, that the service was still keeping track of every single stat for every single online game.

This is just another example of how, when it comes to gaming, guns and violence will always win the day. If it’s not rated M for violence, gore, strong language and drug references, people won’t shell out $50 or more and the game company won’t make the big bucks. Activision has nothing to fear on that score. Ah, boys and their toys..

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is even causing some real violence. A Colorado news station reports that a man in Aurora threatened to blow up a Best Buy when he found out they were sold out of the game, which he claimed to have pre-ordered. He also asked workers at the service desk when they were leaving and said he would shoot them in the parking lot.

The same story reports that in France last weekend, men used tear gas to rob a delivery truck of over 6,000 copies of the game worth over $500,000.

Here’s a thought: if this Call of Duty game and its predecessors provides all the thrills of real warfare without any real violence, maybe world government leaders can just compete online and save all the money and lives sacrificed around the world for the real thing.

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