Just Recently Joined Reward Port & Reward Port Surveys

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These sites are two different ones run by the same company.  They send you emails to go to the reward port survey site through the original site.  You have to sign up for both to get to do the survey site, but you get a $5 bonus for signing up for both, individually, so that’s ten bucks.  The threshold to cash out is $25.  I got a survey for $15!!!!  the other day….I am so excited!  I’m ready to cash out as soon as my funds become available, they are still pending.  I have gotten no referrals on this as of yet and this is purely from offers and surveys.  I never shopped through it either, amazing site, thumbs up, its awesome, and I think everybody should check it out!  You make most of your points via the surveys they are often for $2 or $5, sometimes $7, or more, in my case, $15, that doesn’t happen often, and it was pretty easy.


Click here to get to the signup page!

The above is my link to my page and feel free to sign up if you want to check it out!  I am loving it and cannot wait to cash out!

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