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He knew that if he had
just the one drink
that he’d be back
on the wagon again

back to the shut up room
and dead head
and stinking bed
and the woman off again

and the door slamming
and her voice echoing
up the from the hall
as her footsteps faded

come on
the guys said
just the one shot
but no he had to stay strong

keep the booze away
from hand and lips
and hey Joey come on
just a drink with me huh?

one lousy drink with a pal
whose lady’s left him
for some other guy

he said
I can’t have one drink
I don’t do one drinks
I got to stay strong

got to look at the big picture
so his friend said
shrew you Joey
I’ll find others

who’ll drink with me
and off he went
and Joey sipped his lemonade
and looked at the bottles

behind the bar
looking back him
saying silently
ha ha ha.


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